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Say No To Plastics Campaign | Together We Can Foundation

Say No To Plastics Campaign | Together We Can Foundation

The Indian Government has developed plans for multi-ministerial cooperation to reduce using single-use plastics across the nation to rid India of single-use plastics in 2022. It is our responsibility to end the use of single-use plastics to safeguard the environment, our planet, and our fellow human beings.

Being a leading NGO working for the welfare of the whole society, Together We Can Foundation has started an initiative to reduce plastic use by conducting a “say no to single-use plastic” campaign. Our campaign’s prime motive is to inform people of its hazardous effects on the environment and educate them about its effective alternatives.



What are single-use plastics?

Single-use plastics are only used once and are then discarded in the trash to be recycled. It includes polythene bags, plastic bags, straws and soda bottles, glass made of plastic, water bottles, food packaging items, etc. We produce millions of tonnes of single-use plastic each year, most of which can’t be recycled. Most single-use plastic items thrown away after being used just once cannot be reused and are also non-biodegradable.


Hazards caused by single-use plastics?

Single-use plastic is highly harmful to animal species, human beings such as marine creatures, and hydrophytes. In the waters, aquatic animals eat plastic particles as part of their food. Many marine animals, including sea birds, fishes, and turtles, have plastics in their stomachs. The plastics penetrate the organs of animals and block their digestive system, causing severe health problems, and can cause deaths.

The manufacturing of single-use plastic bags and other plastic products releases harmful chemicals that could cause severe illness among those involved in making them. Like Water pollution, Single-use plastic is also one of the primary pollutants that contribute to environmental pollution. Smoke emitted from burning single-use plastic increases the risk of developing heart diseases and can exacerbate respiratory conditions like asthma and Emphysema. It also triggers headaches, nausea, or rashes and can damage the nervous system.


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