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Time To Spread Awareness About Organ Donation | TWCF

Time To Spread Awareness About Organ Donation | TWCF

Organ donation or Body donation after death is a life-giving opportunity for people with a life-threatening illness. It is the supreme form of donation one can make. Science and Technology are a boon to our society, and the second chance to live has been made with great success. However, only a few people have the opportunity to breathe once more. With the help of Technology, people who die in the absence of organs are saved through organ donation.

Due to a lack of awareness and knowledge about organ donation, certain beliefs that are only for certain people but not for everyone can be a source of confusion regarding organ donation.

According to the National Health Portal of India, annually, 500,000 people lose life because of the non-availability of organs, 200,000 people die because of liver disease, and 50,000 die due to heart disease. Moreover, 150,000 people require kidney transplants, but only 5,000 get them. The organ donor can play a massive role in saving others’ lives.

This gift to humanity has been considered one of God’s most significant divine acts. Together We Can Foundation considers it a crucial component of this noble cause. Organ donation allows recipients to enjoy an opportunity to live a second time and immortalizes the donor’s gesture of exceptional humanity.


TWCF’s efforts to raise awareness

Continuing in the series of the betterment of society, our NGO put small efforts into this life-saving act of organ donation. Recently, on 16th June, Together We Can Foundation members, under the guidance of Mrs Punam Gupta, organized a street show at Herbal Park (Ambala city) depicting the significance of organ donation. Our street show successfully acquired the attention of many toward organ donation.



The only purpose of this street show was to create awareness in society regarding the significance of the greatest form of donation. We encouraged the public to step forward to participate in this noble cause and hoped this message would spread across the country.

Together we can make it possible.

Together We Can Foundation is an NGO registered and set up in 2019. The prime objective of this NGO is to work on social awareness, food safety awareness, environment protection, employment generation, and women and children welfare. The ultimate goal of our NGO in India is the betterment of society, and we dedicatedly work to acquire it. Together We Can Foundation (Mrs. Punam Gupta and her team) is a renowned NGO in Haryana sponsored by Immuno Life Pvt Ltd (Managing Director, Mrs Punam Gupta). She aims to increase awareness in society by highlighting important issues like the need for organ donation or body donation after death to save lives. Also, we aim to boost health levels with the products best in terms of quality. Immuno Life is a certified company in Ambala, Haryana, that manufactures and sells health and safety products, medicines, and veterinary products.


Together We Can Foundation has been working continuously toward a healthier and happier society since 2019. We have the clear objective to raise awareness and safeguard humanity. For this purpose, we regularly arrange seminars, events, street shows and online training programs to create awareness about food security, environmental issues, social issues and empowerment of every citizen. The NGO’s name signifies that togetherness and unity can achieve anything- our minuscule contributions can contribute to a happier and healthier world. Become a volunteer or contribute towards the noble cause of upliftment of health and humanity in society.

Join Together We Can Foundation to be a part of our prestigious NGO contributing towards the betterment of society with a noble cause.

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