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Cyber Security Awareness by a little story | TWCF | Punam Gupta

Cyber Security Awareness by a little story | TWCF | Punam Gupta

Cybercrime has become a significant threat in the modern digital age, encompassing a wide range of illicit activities conducted over the internet and electronic devices. These criminal acts include hacking, identity theft, phishing, ransomware attacks, online fraud, and the distribution of malicious software like viruses and malware. Cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, and software to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information, financial data, and personal details of individuals and organizations. The motives behind cybercrime can vary, ranging from financial gain and data theft to political or ideological agendas. As technology advances and more aspects of our lives become interconnected, the risk of cybercrime continues to escalate, posing serious challenges to law enforcement and cybersecurity professionals worldwide. Combating cybercrime requires constant vigilance, robust security measures, and widespread awareness to protect individuals and businesses from falling victim to these ever-evolving digital threats.

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